The Importance of You

Through my years of healing I can’t stress enough how important self healing is.  To progress through life you need to be the best version of you that is possible and that is best served though looking after yourself and others.  We all need to take better care of ourselves and others especially at the moment.

So what can you best do to help yourself?  Take two minutes out to do this personal survey:-

Do you feel good about yourself?

Do you cope well in difficult situations?  

Do you get enough sleep?  

Are you eating well?

If your answer to all these questions is yes then give yourself a massive pat on the back as you clearly have a very positive view of life and your situation.

On the other hand if there are some situations that leave you struggling such as a poor self image or coping with stressful situations then let’s see what we can do to help.

If you have a poor self image or struggle in difficult situations  then start to turn this around.   With every negative statement you think about you, your situation or your body find two positive ones.  Make this a daily ritual  and watch that gradual flip in body image and see how it boosts your confidence.  Crystal healing bracelets especially work well with this therapy as they work with our energies to bring in more of the positive energy needed.  Those bracelets with lava beads mean you can also add aromatherapy oils and there are recommendations on which oils will work with which bracelets on each of the products.   

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Aromatherapy Oils work with the smell receptors sending impulses directly to the brain.  When you are working with positive statements rub the crystals lightly across your fingers and feel the energy as they work with you.

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With insomnia and eating problems you can use either our Bach Flower Remedy therapy mix which work by harnessing the positive emotions using the flower essences in each mix, our Aromatherapy Oils or our Crystal Bracelet.  Better still try them all together.  

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For every purchase of the full size Aromatherapy Oil, Crystal Bracelet and Bach Flower Remedy together you will get a fantastic 20% discount.  

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