Turquoise Crystal Great Healing Powers and Beautiful to Wear

Turquoise is one of the most well known of gemstones and we are all familiar with the standard blue colour but it can also offer many variations including when mixed with gold.   Mostly turquoise is a blue/green shade with veins of black.  A persian blue coloured turquoise being the most prized  

White Turquoise is also very popular with beautiful granite veins running through it.

Apart from its beauty turquoise gemstones will help to bring increase into your life through luck, love and friendship.   Turquoise symbolises leadership and progress.  As a blue gemstone Turquoise works with air to bring support and protection They are also a grounding and balance stone.  Through healing they will stimulate the re-generation of tissue healing the whole body and its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects alleviate pain.   Turquoise will also help with excess acidity benefiting gout, rheumatism and the stomach.

White Turquoise as a white gemstone brings in spiritual attunement into your life as well as releasing old inhibitions allowing your soul to fully express itself. 

 As an emotional healer turquoise stablises mood swings bringing inner calm and assisting with exhaustion, depression or panic attacks. 

 So there you have it the wonders of turquoise beautiful to look at and wear but also a fantastic healer. 

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