Coping with Lockdown

Here is my survival kit for coping with the current lockdown.   Try and stick to a routine and keep busy during the day. Use your "allocated out time" to get out and get some much needed natural Vitamin D from the sunshine for as long as possible keeping the 2m distance in place.  Explore your local area as if you were a tourist and find new places that you will visit, shop at, eat in or just enjoy when everything is back to normal which it will.

If you've got the time at the moment learn a new skill.  There are loads of fantastic online courses which could lead you to a new skill that may take your life in a totally different direction.  If you can manage it you could volunteer.  There are lots of voluntary work around at the moment from making scrubs for hospitals to helping get shopping for vulnerable people.  It has a guaranteed feel good factor.

Also try to take some time out every day for yourself.  Use that time to spend at least 15mins meditation which will really help with your mental and emotional health.  You can visit my previous blog for tips on meditating here .

This is also the time to look at your emotional health and try and help yourself where you can.  If you have anxieties and fears which you have been burying with work and family now is the time to look at them and see what you can do to help yourself. Try and look back to see when they started and see if you can work out what or who first triggered them.  This is the first step to dealing with them.  The next step is learning coping strategies which will eventually help you to conquer them.  This is where therapists use tools such as crystals, bach flower remedies, Aromatherapy and Reflexology to help.  Obviously therapy treatments are out of the question at the moment but you can treat yourself with Bach Flower Remedies and we have a range of 16 different remedies for everything from fear/anxiety to insomnia here and more information about how Bach Flower Remedies work here

I've also done a blog on some of the amazing power of different crystals here

In addition to the crystals mentioned rose quartz is a great heart healer and amethyst is a fantastic catch all and spritual enhancing crystal.

Above all treat yourself kindly and regularly with little treats and happy healing .

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