Therapies for your Animals

 During difficult times such as these our wonderful animal companions are working hard with us all the time to give us as much love and comfort as their big hearts can. Like sponges they love us so much, that they soak up all our emotions positive and negative. Added to that they are competing for our attention with the tv, social media, the internet and others so please give them some one to one attention every day.  Animals benefit from healing as much we do. Complimentary therapies and healing works so much more effectively on Animals than with us humans because Animals have this wonderful ability to live in the moment which we do not.They live and work through their instincts and know what is being done is going to help them and they accept it as it is, whole heartedly, without fear, cynicism or judgement which is why they get so much benefit from therapiesI find that reiki, massage, crystals and Bach Flower Remedies work equally well in different ways. Bach Flower Remedy Treatments are ideal to add to your dog or cat’s water bowl or paws and will work very gradually as they do with humans to dispel the negative and accentuate the opposite positive emotional reaction. Always work with your animal friend by rewarding their good behaviour. dogs love massage and if your canine companion is used to being stroked and cuddled why not given them a pampering session with a some gentle effleurage massage. Wait until your canine friend is relaxed and not within 2 hours before or after eating and do not massage if they are unwell or have a digestive or other health problems. they are small they can lie on your lap while you massage them. Alternatively a comfortable rug on the floor with a towel over if you are going to use any dog massage oil. If you do use appropriate massage oil, rub it on your hands first and don’t put it straight on your dog. Allow them to get comfortable and if they get up and move away at any time don’t move them back into position – this has to be on their terms. sure you are both comfortable and start by placing your hands around their shoulders and keeping them here. Talk to your companion and tell them what you are going to do – out loud or in your head as they will understand. They are very good at reading our minds. Keeping your fingers together and your hands relaxed (shake your hands out before you start to relax them if you need to) using both your hands gently stroke your dog using a regular and rhythmic flow with both hands over their body. Keep the pressure light and only increase it over several sessions once you are both into a regular routine of massage. Never put pressure on the spinal area down their back or any of their joints, head or neck. If they start to fall asleep don’t worry this is a good sign. If they get up and move away this may be because they have had enough or are uncomfortable with the pressure. If they roll onto their backs for a tummy tickle always oblige! 

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