The Power of Massage for Ourselves and our Animals

 Did you know that Aromatherapy not only benefits us humans but can be just as beneficial to our companion animals?    One of the reasons essential oils work so well is that they have a quantifiable frequency, and their frequency is in harmony with the energetic frequencies of both animals and people. The oils work in a way with animal and people’s energy because their frequency is consistent and harmonic and they all resonate together to create balance.   Oils have intelligence and go where they are needed in the body. They seek cells that resonate with a similar frequency.

They listen for cells to resonate like their own; that is how they know the location they are needed.   When the frequency of a human or an animal body drops, it means that disease organisms have a favourable environment in which to grow and flourish. If we can change this environment by raising the frequency of the body high enough, with the help of therapeutic grade essential oils, we can deprive harmful organisms of the opportunity to grow and flourish.   In other words we may be able to prevent some diseases from occurring in our pets and in ourselves, or be able to heal more quickly from those ailments or diseases which may already be present.   While therapeutic grade essential oils may not always be able to keep body frequencies from dropping initially, they can definitely be helpful when it comes to supplying either the animal or human body with the oxygen and nutrients that will then help the body manage its own recovery.   What can essential oil properties do for us and for our pets?

Essential oils serve your animal and your family members by providing:    Support for the nervous system  Helps with periodic upset/sour stomach  Supports a healthy immune system  Supports the lungs and sinuses  Assists in healthy joint and cartilage function  Helps promote emotional well-being   

Use massage oil for animals on your best friend here   Or use on yourself or your love ones here   

 I am passionate about human and animal holistic therapies working in unison to heal ourselves and those we love and as a therapist that's the most rewarding thing.  

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