Original Bach Flower Remedy Therapy Mixes

Following the fantastic success of our original batch of 18 Original Bach Flower Remedy Therapy Mixes which were branded 9 for humans and 9 for animals we have launched a further 13.

All our 30ml Therapy Bottles are made up from the 38 Original Bach Flower Remedies devised by Dr Bach in the 1930s and contain approximately 6-7 different Bach Flower Remedies per bottle making them excellent value for money.

In addition each bottle is targeted to treat a specific emotional issue and these include:-

Animal Treatments for Hyperactivity, Attentiveness, Assertiveness, Exhaustion/Despair, Restless, Wild/Nervous, Fear, Jealous Pets, Ageing Pets and Puppies, Attention Seeking, Domination/Control Issues, Separation Anxiety, Confidence Building, Adjusting to Changes and Abused Animals

For us Humans its Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Stress, Fear/Anxiety, Anger/Resentment, Grief/Sadness, Self Doubt/Uncertainty, Calm, Mood Swings, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Changes/Transformation, Loneliness,  Despair/Depression and Comfort Eating.

You can also request your own custom blend by just contacting us through our Etsy store or at shop@crystalstherapy.store.

Give your emotional health a big boost this Spring with a Crystals Therapy  treatment bottle from our range.

All our mixes are created by a qualified Bach Flower Remedies Therapist who is a member of IPHM.

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