Sending Healing and Love


I think we can all agree no matter where we are in this world that this has been a very challenging year  and this has had repercussions for all of us humans and animals physically, emotionally and financially.  Which is why when I send out most all of my products whether they are crystal healing packs, aromatherapy or Human and Animal Bach Flower Remedy Treatment Bottles I always add Reiki and Spiritual Healing to them.  Sending love and healing is something we as humans can all do.  It is not just limited to those who have had Spiritual Healing or Reiki Training.  We all have the ability to lift each other up. Set the intention with your guides for a positive outcome.  We all have spiritual guides whether we acknowledge them or not but the important thing is to set the intention in your head for a positive outcome be it for something as simple as a meal.  Set the intention for positive outcomes and healing for others and don't forget our wonderful animal friends.  They give us unconditional love and all they ask in exchange is our care and consideration which costs very little.  Sending love and healing to others is free and we all benefit in the end as what goes around comes around.  Restrictions might have stopped us from physically connecting with others but it can't stop us caring so think of who you can help and let those positive vibes flow.

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