Clearing/Protection Crystals with Sage/Pine Smudge


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This clearing/protection remedy is for personal protection and for clearing/protecting your home. Removing negative and unwanted energies around you, your loved ones and your home. The mix contains Sage and Pine Smudge Stick and box of "Biting Back" Protection Incense with holder. The Crystals are a Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant, Labradorite Plaque, Clear Crystal and a large 55mm Selenite Palmstone.

Black Tourmaline Crystal is the ultimate protection stone. It cleanses negative energy, purifies and disperses tension and stress. Black Tourmaline balances the chakras.

The Selenite Palmstone Crystal is a calm stone that instils deep peace bringing clarity of mind. (Please note that Selenite dissolves when wet).

Clear Quartz are the most powerful healing and energy amplifiers. It absorbs, stores and releases energy and is excellent for unblocking it.

Labradorite is another powerful protection crystal imparting strength and perseverance. Labradorite also forms a barrier to negative energy during healing.

As a qualified and experienced Crystal and Aromatherapist Therapist I work with all types of crystals creating crystal healing grids and using crystals to attract positive emotional experiences and as protection.

Crystals form naturally in the earth and are thousands of years old. Each crystal structure has an electromagnetic energy and vibration. As a natural energy source crystals radiate from the planet and regulate everything and as such their vibrational power is very effective in hollistic healing.

Every crystal is unique and will vary in shape, size, colour and texture, the photo shows a good representation of the product.

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Crystal Therapies and Aromatherapy are intended to treat emotional problems and as complimentary health therapy. This is not intended as an alternative medical treatment and if you have a health issue you should consult your GP or Hospital.