Crystals Therapy is your Animal and Human hollistic heaven for combined Bach Flower Remedy Therapies, Crystal Therapy and Healing Packages.  We also sell stunning crystal Jewellery. Our Aromatherapy Oils and Room Sprays are available separately or part of packages. Start your healing journey with Chakra Healing which has everything you need from crystals to incense as well as instructions.  

As a Human and Animal therapist  I have the privilege to see the benefits of alternative therapies every day.  I work with Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal and Angel Therapies, Reflexology, Reiki and Dog Myotherapy Massage.  My mission is to empower everyone to  take care of their emotional as well as their physical bodies and that includes their animal friends too  with therapies that have absolutely no side effects! only positive benefits!
Emotional scars can cause physical ailments over time as well as having a negative impact on your life and those around you.
As well as therapies offered through my website at I wanted to offer self healing packages to enable you to identify and work on yourself, your loved ones and animal friends to improve your quality of life.  Most of the packages through Bach Flower Remedies to Crystal Healing are self explanatory or come with instructions to enable you to get the best out of them.  In addition I use Reiki healing on all therapies sent to maximise their healing.
All our beautiful crystal jewellery has the power of the individual crystals described in each product and wearing it close to the skin regularly amplifies the effect of the crystals.
So why not take a look around and find your new you.  I am happy to answer questions on products.